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i had a sister broken her spinal cord before 2 weeks and the doctors dad successfully done in repairing her bone. know it remains to heal the damaged nurve which made her two legs paralized but have only small sunsation for heat and cold. so anybody could say me something on her future to move or walk on the leg? 


Hi Tesfu,

I'm sorry about your sister.

Recovery depends upon the amount of damage to the nerves.  If they have just been damaged, not severed in any way, then there is a chance of recovery.  One of the problems that sometimes happens is that the damaged nerves swell, just like any injury, and this swelling can damage the nerves.

Her doctors are likely doing their best to prevent/minimize this.

Depending upon her other injuries, just moving her legs, to keep circulation going and help the muscles, may be the best that you can do for now, while she heals.  Some sensation is a good sign.

It can be a long recovery time.  

If the nerves/spinal cord was severed, then recovery is very unlikely - but, they are constantly making progress and finding new treatments.

Hope it helps.