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im a physical therapist and one of my patient is a young woman who has devic's disease. i never heard of this disease before and would like to know what exercises i can do for my patient to strengthen arms, legs and balance /coordination


Hi. Your patient is suffering from very serious inflammatory disorder in which a person's own immune system attacks the optic nerve and the nerves in the spinal cord. This can result in weakness or paralysis in the legs or arms. At this moment there is no cure for Devic's disease but symptoms are treatable. Usual treatment of initial attack is a combination of a corticosteroid drug to stop the attack, and an immunosuppressive drug for prevention of subsequent attacks. Combination of physical therapy and rehabilitation is very important  for repairing damaged nerves and this is your area of expertise. Restoring full strength of injured areas is essential so you should focus on that. Talk to your patient and find out what are the most damaged areas. After that you will be able to apply your knowledge to help your patient. And let us know about the results because there are a lot of people suffering from this disease who are trying to decrease the attacks and consequences caused by Devic's disease.