Hello -
Several weeks ago, I dropped an 8-foot 6x6 on the top of my right foot. There was bruising along the top and arch and I have pain along the top of my foot and on the left side toward the heel when walking and closer up on the arch when driving. The bruising has pretty much disappeared now.

I went and had NWB x-rays yesterday, and the finding was that I had a remote fracture. I am unsure when I could have possibly caused a fracture in the past. Nothing at all comes to mind.

Anyway, is it possible that due to not having the x-rays WB, that a remote fracture could actually be fresh? (Or, can a lisfranc injury be misread as a remote fracture?)

My primary care doctor told me that if it was still bothering me in 2-weeks that he was going to send me to a specialist, but doesn't seem concerned right now.