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I just recently became sexually active ( 2 days ago). I'm not on the pill or anything at the moment, we just used condoms. The thing is today I had some really light spotting (with no pms symptoms) and the spotting's never happened before. So I was wondering, If I should be worried or if it just has something to do with having sex.

My cycle is usually between 21-28 days. I'm due to get my period in about 4-5 days. I can't help but be paranoid though. Is the spotting normal?


spotting can be a normal occurance of losing your virginity. due to the breakage of tissue, as long as it is light and you don't have serious pain. If in fact you are worried, they sell pregnancy tests that you can use as soon as 24 hours after sex. Don't forget, you can go to the free clinic for birth control and exams, completely confidential. Don't rely solely on condoms, as a mother of three, I know that they don't always work. Better safe than sorry. good luck and enjoy responsibly.