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Hey everyone!

My cycle is usually pretty accurate and for the most part is about 30 days (sometimes a couple of days longer). My hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant since Dec 30th, and my last period started Dec 24th. I have never been on birth control so heard I might get pregnant rather quickly. Well yesterday (Jan 18) I started to notice some minimal spotting, a brownish pink color describes it best, and my breasts are really tender. I also have the same spotting today only a tiny bit more noticeable and still the same color. Since it is about 4 days before my period should start is there anyway I could be pregnant and this could be implantation bleeding??

thanks for your help! :-D


I started my period on the 12th of january which ended on the 17th. My partner and I had intercourse on the 18th 5 hours later I felt faint, this lasted about 5 second followed by a intense headache that lasted two days. I had very light red bleeding on the 22nd this continued for 4 days and stopped. i have been feeling a pulling sensation especially in my belly button area. Have you been feeling any of these symptoms.