Alright so 1/15/10...i was walking down the stairs to visit family (nephews and my sister) and my left foot/ankle are on the step like normal then aloud crack (with in 30 seconds) i was sliding down on my butt towards my mother and brother, then i took a shower and then went to the er.. and its still swollen and i cant move my ankle at all and its still discolor and well i am wondering if it will fix on its own or do i need a surgery to fix it.. i would like to know because i do downhill skiing, and soccer... and i really need to know before hand that way i know if i am gonna need to be pulled from state tournament in feb 2-5 or what? can someone help me please i know nothing is broken its just sprained he said but he didn't tell me how bad its swollen and discolor a little bit, i am a 23 year old female and i do sports and i would like to know before i try to get back on skis (not this week but next week)
they did xrays in the ER... nothing broken! i broke this same ankle 5 years ago in a fall. and i found out about 3months ago..i have no pain or anything like that... i am suppose to call my foot and ankle specialist on monday to let them know i was in the ER for a sprained ankle.. i know the pain because the pain was worse this time then the first time and its not really brusied... (this happened friday) so i have been off my feet for 24-48hrs as my discharge papers said to ... am actually sitting in bed as we speak
i am also taking ibuprofen 800mgs - for baseline pain.. which is only when i walk on it or when i need something to help me sleep at night.. now i know the pain i was feeling when i was hurting about 3months ago it was sharp and stabbing and never went away.. this one is differnet i have little to no pain but when i am standing or walking with crutchs/ or my camwalker i got from my foot doctor... and well i basicually need ideas because i did how ever go to the er when it first happened and i am just if someone could help me that would be great..the er doc said no broken bones but i dont know? so i need help.. the swelling went down and i go to the foot and ankle specialist Wednesday morning.. and i would like some ideas?! thanks! :-)