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I have been taking percocet for about 3 yrs. This last yr I have been taking 5-8per day. I have tried cold turkey a few times, but it hurt too bad. I have been off it now on day 2 and me leg cramps are awfull, the sh**s, bitchy and cants sleep. After reading some sites, and there advise, I am going to the Dr. and tell him to ween me off and get something to sleep. I really want my life back, but Im concerned about me back pain. I have 2 blown lower discs, which I've had surgery for. It has gradually helped but now I have a drug addiction. Any input would be appreaciated.



I'm in the same boat. Had shoulder surgery 2 years ago and started with 2 a day. Now I'm doing 4-6 per day just to feel normal. If I do not take 1 in the morning, I'm totally useless and anxious until I have 1. Then it's repetitive. Once it wears off, I feel lazy and hopeless until I pop another 1 or 2. This is 2 years every single day. I was off for 3 days once because the pharmacy was out of Pthem so I had to wait to fill my RX. It was horrible. Sweats, bad taste in my mouth and hard to sleep. I cannot even describe the elation my body felt when the 3 days were up and my script was filled. Ive tried to ween off back to 1-2 a day from 4-5 with little success. The withdrawals in between doses is horrid. I've heard good things about medication to treat opiate addictions. That will be my next move you should ask your dr. I feel it's the only way to get off without getting sick