My husband fell at work and had to have a spinal fusion. He was on opana (oxymorphone tablets over 200mg per day) for just about 3 years. 2 weeks ago he went of to detox to get off the pills for good. He was gone for 8 days and came home tired but happy. That night he began to get a bad headache. Then the terrible stomach pains along with vomiting and diarrhea followed buy a terrible head cold and unbelievable restlessness and irritably. Now he had a terrible "skin crawling" feeling along with severe fatigue. I've looked up his symptoms and it seems that he is still going through withdrawal. He has been home for 8 days now that would be 16 days of withdrawal. Is something wrong or is this normal? Anyone have any advice on when it will go away? Anyone know anything that I can do for him to make the "skin crawling" feeling better? I hate seeing him in so much pain! PLEASE HELP ME!