Exactly, Suboxone does not get you high.. If you feel it does then you are on a placebo high.  Herion, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Methadone get you high. Subs are to just take the sickness, restlessness, and body aches away from (what I call, The Devil Withdrawal)! Also, Subs are MUCH easier to break than any other. Methadone shouldn't even be on the market.. I was sick for 6 months detoxing from that. (Naturally) 150-200mg daily. 10mg pills or 40's if I could find them. It does get in your bones, and marrow. I would NEVER touch that Devil made drug, again! Suboxone should be used for detox 7 days max. After that it's a crutch. You want recovery? Detox for 7 days and get to an NA meeting..