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Hello. I've been ill for the past year with stomach problems. My symptoms include severe nausea, gagging, poor appetite, constipation, and fatigue/sleepiness every day. I also have pain in my sternum, which was assumed to be costochondritis (due to heavy weightlifting over the past few years). My first GI doctor thought it could've been gastroparesis, but it wasn't. She prescribed Prevacid for me. I eventually had a team of doctors who tried to help me, but all were unsuccessful. A couple of months ago I came across a GI doctor who was able to help me somewhat with my problems. He performed an endoscope and diagnosed me with benign gastrtitis. He also did a biopsy which was negative for H pylori infection. He prescribed me Prevacid to acid reduction & Periactin (Antihistamine) to stimulate my stomach in order to improve my appetite. I can't really tell if Prevacid is working for me, but Periactin works okay. I still have days where the nausea comes and goes, especially after I eat, along with a poor appetite and fatigue (maybe the fatigue is from the Periactin).

I don't doubt that I have gastritis. But if it is, shouldn't it subside by now? Are my problems related to any cancers, pancreatic, or gallbladder disorders?


Same here..I do have gastritis and the symptoms is quite similar from yours.Mine is like half burping and severe nausea,which is some kind of air or liquid trapping in lower throat part but subside with a strange sound awhile when i do deep breathing along with swallowing saliva,but it came back continuosly,i had all these symptoms but my appetite's quite normal..I did see the doctor but the meds dosent work well either they arranged me to go for a hospital X-ray checkup soon..I think try not to eat too much if u cant stand the discomfort after meals,take care.