Okay, I had a failed IVF trying to get pregnant. I developed hyperstimulation from the medications. Every since I did the IVF I have had stomach problems. I do not have a gallbladder. My stomach burns at my bellybutton and it causes me to be nausea, vomitting and dizziness, loose stools or diahrea I lost weight. My doctor said it is gastritis probably caused by the IVF medications. First, has anyone ever heard of this? They have done a lot of blood tests and they all are coming back normal. I have been feeling this way for 5 weeks and I am sick of it. My doctor tried me on PPI's but I was allergic to them. He then put me on carafate that made me throw up. He started me on zantac 300mg and yesterday and today I couldn't take it because of having the serum gastrin level bloodwork drawn and since I have not taken it I am feeling slightly better. What could this be?