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About 2 months ago, my father (50) missplaced a spinal bone in his neck. It's been affecting his shoulder bad and has been complaining about pains every day.
His job is a Frito Lay salesman who stocks the shelves with chips. He's constantly lifting boxes each day. Though the pain started one day after he woke up.
He's been having physical therapy lately and doesnt seem to be working yet.
Now for about a week, hes been complaining of intense stomach pains. He says every time he lays down, sits down, or stands up, it's painful.

Im thinking that this is not just a neck bone thing. Possibly an injury that has affected the whole spinal collumn and is affected every time he moves the spinal collumn.

I'd like some suggestions on what may be going on and if this is curable


Has he seen a chiropractor?