about two weeks ago i started having a rough time breathing, but my job had taken me outside, so i figured it was because of the mass amounts of dust and whatnot. it was a few days prior to this that i had quit smoking (and i haven't smoked since). well i'm not working outside anymore, so there's no dust involved in my job, but i'm still hvaing to use my inhaler. i had asthma when i was a child and had to use it, but haven't since i was probably like 10. about a week ago my stomach had a pain in it for a couple hours, like a cramping feeling, but it wasn't anything paralyzing. it just hurt if i pushed on it or something. now just a few days ago, my stool turned green and my farts started smelling badly, both of which ended yesterday. but i feel like i have some sort of liquid in my stomach now, like a i just drank too much water or something. and now, i can't sleep because whenever i try to sleep, i get really lightheaded and feel like i'm falling r something. i don't know, this is just a mixture of things i can think of that have happened recently off the top of my head. can anyone think of some possibilities? i've also become quite stressed about my health, just as an add in.