To start off, I'm 19 years old and I before now, I have never had any stomach problems. All my life I have been healthy. This including working out, eating the right foods, and overall just considered healthy. The only allergy I have is to dust and mold, and for that I take an inhaler. The only somewhat serious illness I've had is bronchitis a couple times in the last couple years (including christmas 2014) and mono. I also know for a fact that I am no pregnant, so surely that can't be to blame for my stomach issues. So for almost two months now, my body has been waking anytime between 4 AM & 6 AM. This is odd because I have never been someone to just naturally wake up that early. I have always been someone to wake up naturally at 8 AM or 9 AM. Anyways, so I wake up early and every morning I arise with the same feeling. My stomach aches. It feels empty as if it is running of fumes and stomach acid. This feeling happens even if I eat a lot the night before. Then, almost immediately after waking up I feel like I need to use the restroom for a bowel movement. At this point every morning I have the same loose looking stools. Then almost immediately after the bowel movement I begin to feel nauseas. Usually at this point I begin dry heaving and trying to throw up. But generally, there is nothing there to even throw up. The stomach pain, bad poops, and nausea generally continues on for a hour or two, or at least until I can get myself back to sleep. I really don't know what it could even be at this point. I've been really trying to do my research and all I've found is that most people with these symptoms can't figure it out and go to the doctor countless times just to not be given any answers.