Common: Constant Fullness, Early Satiety,  No appetite, Bloating, Burping

Rare: Sometimes patches of itchy skin (e.g. side of neck, foot, wrists) 

Once off: Bright lumps of blood in stool (after barium swallow- i believe it was a result of the barium-constipation)

Seven weeks ago I lost my appetite. I was hospitalized for 5 days and had an endoscopy and barium swallow, both of which found nothing. (I had a nissen fundoplication 1.5 yrs ago and the doctors originally thought it was related to that).

I barely eat at all now however, I force myself to eat more now but most of my calories come from liquids. On the rare occasion that I ate a decent-sized amount (e.g 1 slice of toast & beans) I had bad stomach pains and felt sick. I have also noticed I will get random patches of itchy skin, often with pinprick spots (like hair follicle size). This will usually last about half and hour of less and then they fade.

I have constant headaches (probably from lack of calories), I am always tired and get very dizzy often.

Does anybody know what these symptoms could indicate or what to ask my doctor when I go back to hospital this week (e.g. what tests).