I have been having untolerable pain for the past year and a half. I have been taken to emergency room on about twenty times. Two days ago I was recently asked by my general surgeon if I have ever had a Heida Scan? I told him no I have not had a Heida Scan. Out of all the times of being process in the Emergency Room they did the following: an abdomenal xray, Abdomenal Ultra Sound Test, and a CT Scan with Contrast. I also had an Endoscopy ph monitor of my Esophagus with a capsul inserted. All of these tests were negative. I have a a friend that had the same pain almost two years and and finally he had his Doctor perform exploratory surgery and he had his Gallbladder removed and he was cured of the problem. What could be my problem? Is it possible that my Gallbladder is not functioning correctly? I need Help.