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I have a friend who has to find a job ... he's on low dose of methadone (20-30 mg/day) and has to be 'clean' for drug testing.  How long does methadone stay in the system?  He has to quit, no doubt about that, but just to be able to get a job he has to be clean for the drug test.  Does anyone know the answer to this query? Thanks.  



Honey I just read your concern about methadone. I am on methadone for 12 years, and I too am down on a low dose! 25 mg. Life is freakn wonderful, and if the person you know is serious about their recovery..methadone is wonderful!! Methadone does not show up on MOST regular drug screens. They have to actually look for methadone. It doesn't come up as a narcotic or opiate and all the other obvious screens they GENERALLY look  for! Oh and by the way, if this person gets hired, BEFORE they take the screening, and then are release because they found it, The person can sue the heck out of them!!METHADONE IS A LEGALLY PRESCRIBED DRUG!  As long as the company isn't requiring the person to drive or maintain heavy equipment, this person is legally allowed to take the drug in this country! If they want the urine or blood for the test before hiring and this person knows for a fact they DO test for methadone, "They usually don't" He or she can take all the clean urine samples from their clinic showing they are free of illegal substances! You would be soooo surprise how many folks have addiction issues thru family or themselves, most would be very proud to see someone clean on methadone as opposed to using off methadone!! This person has NOTHING to loose by just trying!! I did, and God, LIFE IS AWESOME!! Good luck!!!