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Hello everyone.

My aunt bought Labrador puppy last week. Something weird was happening to him, his behavior was really surprising. But she didn’t pay too much attention to it.

But later she saw tapeworms in her pop. She went to see the vet and he gave her some pills and sent them home. He told them to be in his office in two weeks.

She started with those meds, but she told me that she is still seeing worms in his poop.

I don’t know how long it will take to stop seeing the?

Can you tell me some other ways to treat tapeworms in dogs?

Tnx in advance!


Hey darling.

I think that this is very common in dogs. My dog had tapeworms like hundred times. But it was always successfully treated with antibiotics.



Treatment includes injection or oral medications. Meds are usually very effective when it comes to removing of tapeworms from the dog’s boy.


You can always try home remedies if meds don’t work.

You can use wormwood because this is very effective herbal remedy for the expulsion of worms. It is a plant that some people are using for centuries.


You should add only one tablespoon in your dog food and soon you will see some improvement in your dog’s health.



Good day.

I do not support meds and antibiotics because I think that they can cause long term side – effects. I always choose natural remedies.

Have you ever heard that garlic can help your dog? No? OK, I will explain you. Garlic is very powerful ingredient that offers a lot of healthy benefits for your dog. When you want to give it to your dog, you need to give him very small amount of it. Mix it with food.

This combination will boost your dog’s immune system and kill all parasites, such as tapeworms.

I think that you will need to put garlic in your dog’s food for two weeks, no more.



Hello. Tapeworms are concentrated from eating a flea. They can grow up to two feet long in your pet’s digestive tract and it can have some serious things for your dog’s health if you don’t treat it right. The main treatment includes a dewormer and this may need to be taken multiple times before you see some results. There are several products that your vet can recommend to you. My vet recommended me Dog Worms 3 chewable tablet once. It just passes out of your dog’s system naturally. There are no side – effects. Maybe you should ask your vet about this cure?



When my Boo had tapeworms for the first time I was watching his stool for like an hour to see what it is lol :)


It is very important to know that they are TREATABLE but they are also PREVENTABLE.

Tapeworms do not usually cause some serious health problems in dogs. True, your dog can be nervous and can cause some health issues such as vomiting, but that is normal.

Treatment with drugs is effective and your dog will be healed soon. The parasiticide may be given either in the form of the tablets or injection. It is your choice.

Those drugs are completely safe and you should not be scared of side – effects.