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Since this happened I thought I was perfectly healthy but I’m not so sure now.
Few days ago, during sex with my girlfriend, I have noticed that every move I make, my testicles react with some strange deep pain.
I was very surprised because I have never had any similar problems with testicles what so ever.
When I search my testicles for possible organic changes I found that my left testicle is very swollen and painful on touch but I couldn't feel anything similar to a bump under my fingers.
That calmed me down because I was afraid of possible cancer or something similar.
Does anybody knows what could be the reason of my testicle pain?


First of all, your symptoms look kind of strange to me and because of that I strongly suggest you to contact your urologist immediately.
You can never be too much cautious with these kindsof things.
Judging by your symptoms-it looks to me like you maybe had some minor testicle trauma that caused this pain.
These traumas are very common during sex or wearing too tight underwear. If you remember this kind of testicle trauma happened to you-than you shouldn’t worry because all your symptoms will disappear in a week or so.
But, cause your testicle is swollen you can't say for sure that you don’t have any lumps in it. Swelling can hide all changes.
So, the reason of your pain can be very serious and it can demand very quick surgery intervention.
So, loosing even one more minute is too much luxury for you now.
Contact your doctor immediately!