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Hi there, I'm a twenty year old male and for two years now I have been experiencing a strange sensation in my bladder. It first occured in June 2010 and has come and gone in the intervening two years. The sensation is basically this: when I go the toilet I will pretty much empty my bladder but it feels as though it is still around half full. If I try to go again very little if any urine will come out. The feeling will then stay constant until the bladder actually does become full and I do actually need to go. I feel no pain and can only describe the symptons as annoying and slightly uncomfortable if anything. In the summer of 2010 I did a Urine sample at my local Doctors which came back clear; I was then referred to a Urologist who performed a cystoscopy which again revealed nothing untoward. The next step for me is to have a Urinary Cathatar put in bladder, but obviously if I can solve the problem without doing this than naturally I would rather do that! The strange thing about the symptons is that they have not been constant over the past two years. The symptons come and go and when they are present usually only last for a couple of weeks, afterwards they might dissapear for a couple of months before coming back. One thing I have noticed is that the symptons do seem to start when I am on holiday and away from University. I can think of four occasions when this has happened. June 2010, December 2010, December 2011 and June 2012; all of these coincided with a break away from University. Just to reiterate; I feel no pain, when urine comes out it comes out the usual jet and doesn't squirt off in random direction, I have not peed blood and I do not feel as if I am going to involuntarily wet myself. Even though a slight urge is there it is not a huge urge and I feel that I can comfortably hold it. It would be interesting to hear if anybody has had a similar issue and if so, what they did about it. Many thanks.


well it seemslike u have whats called interstital cystits it makes u have to pee all the time it comes and goes something will trigger it and that feeling like u have to pee but dont