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What could be the cause of a foul vaginal odor if you're not having sex? Also, I had a baby last year and was diagnosed with trich, it was treated and cured. My baby is 14mos now. Is it possible that it has resurfaced even though I'm not sexually active at all. Do you have recommendations for products to use for the odor that comes and goes? :$


A more acidic atmosphere in the vagina can cause it to smell foul. What happens is more bacteria and fungus is able to inhabit the area, causing it to smell foul.

You can change the pH of your vagina with a yogurt douche. If you don't already have one, get an enema/douche bag from a health food store or pharmacy. While you're there, get a tub of plain yogurt without any sugar. Go home and in the tub or over the toilet, douche with yogurt. Do this for about a week and your pH should change to be more alkaline.

To keep it alkaline and to keep the vagina containing healthy bacteria, supplement yourself with probiotics daily. Get these at a health food store. Do not get these from a pharmacy because they're more than likely low quality and contain dead, useless bacteria. After you finish a bottle, switch to another bottle so you're able to get different strains of bacteria.