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So i have been having periods for 18 years and they have never been more than 3 days late. I also know the symptoms I tend to get with my period very well. This is the 3rd day of my "period"  after it being 14 days late. The first 2 days there was only blood when i wiped and it was bright pink. Now it is slightly heavy but not as much as normal. There are also some clots. I have been having pregnancy symptoms for over a week now and they are stilll continuing. I have nausea, sensitive breasts, lightheadedness, am emotional and am peeing alot. My husband and I have 5 kids and I have bleed some with all 5. So this feels like every other pregnancy.Except the bleeding is heavier. I took a home preg test about a week ago and it came back negative. I do also know that I tend to ovulate late. Could I still be pregnant? How long should I wait to take another pregnancy test?


False negatives are rare but sometimes happen with pregnancy tests.  There is certainly a chance that you could still be pregnant, and with bleeding lasting 3 days with clotting, it is probably a good idea that you see your ObGyn, family doctor, or perhaps go to a clinic.  They will be able to administer a clinical pregnancy test with accurate results, as well as address the issue of bleeding if it happens to be a positive test. There are certainly other reasons that may be causing the delay/other symptoms, such as stress or a natural hormone fluctuation, but a doctor can rule these out. My best friend took a test when she first thought she was pregant, it read negative; she still thought she was and a week or so later took another test and it read positive, so I would trust your gut- especially since you've been pregnant 5 times previously.  If your bleeding/cramping/clotting increases intensely, please be sure to see a Dr., as this could be a miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy/other complication! Hoping the best for you.