Hi, In the past week and a half I have started getting painful sinus headaches. mostly a lot pressure in my forehead and between my eyes. Also these spells of dizziness, where i feel a bit off balance and somewhat nauseated. The room isn't spinning when i have them but its uncomfortable and it feels like its coming out of my left ear. My left ear feels really stuffed or clogged. I layed on my side and put hydrogen peroxide in it for a bit a few days ago and again today and then let it come out but, I still feel the fullness. I took some dramamine hoping it would help with the feelings of being off balance and nauseous but, it didn't. I just would like to know if this is something i need to visit the doctor for, I would like it to just resolve on its own, are there any chances of that? Some other symptoms are im not tasting food as well, ive been especially irritable and depressed, tired, and i have a bit of a stuffy nose, but its not too bad. Could someone please let me know if this is something like a sinus infection? or maybe just allergies? i would appreciate all ideas. thanks in advance, this is all quite frustrating.