My daughter had a bad Oxy and then heroin addiction. She has been on Suboxone for almost three months. She was doing great!!! Now she's found out she's pregnant (8weeks). She wants to stop taking the suboxone immediately. She tried to quit for about 4 days and had to call the doctor to get another script. She was doing 8 mg to start with, then went to 4 mg a day and when she found out wen to to 2 mg a day. She went to 1 mg and then stopped. At day 4, after cold turkey, she couldn't take it and called the doctor. She got a script for 8- 2mg pills. She's trying to cut them down to 1 mg and into 1/4 mg. I'm worried she won't be able to do it. She says the withdrawal is so much worse than any other withdrawal.

Will this hurt her baby if she stays on 1 mg for another month and then maybe another month of 1/4 mg a day? Her doctor doesn't seem to be very informative. She didn't even suggest to go to Subutex, like everyone on this website says. If she stays on this small dose until she delivers, the baby will withdrawal too? Am I right? It's not right to put the baby through this. What do we do? What does she do?