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Suboxone causes tooth decay..... power in numbers,  we all need to stop ranting and raving about "how" suboxone causes tooth decay and we need to pull together and stay connected and reach out to a law firm that can handle this issue at hand and can get us some results.  Im 24 yrs old and not a drug addict but with spinal meningitis twice on top of 2 serious car accidents where I was thrown from car. I got dependent on opiates to mask the physical pain and found suboxone to be cheaper and at the time a WAY BETTER choice but any doctor will write a script for this drug with out telking you that the side effects are just on the same level if not worse then meth. Im 24 and my teeth are destroyed.  Im not the person to ever go on a site like this only to read never write but this is for real, your teeth vs not there. 


Count me in. I replayed under Brandy. New to site. I should of replayed to you.