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I have a bone growth on my big toe that is growing upward and pushing up my nailbed (it is no where near the joint of my toe). My podiatrist said I should have surgery to get it removed and will have to remove part of my toenail and will have a few sutures. How long is the recovery period? Do I need to wear a surgical boot, walker boot or use crutches? When can I put normal shoes on and walk without any pain?

I want to get back to running and work as soon as possible. Any advice would be helpful!


Hi squishy28! I think that the surgery you're getting should not be a very long recovery period although it is still foot surgery. Usually foot surgery has a longer recovery period than other surgeries so I am not entirely confident that you will be on your feet right away--usually takes a month or more but I am not entirely sure. Have you talked to your podiatrist about any of this yet? Keep us posted on what your doctor says, okay? Thanks for posting.