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I am having every pregnancy symptome under the sun (clomide cycle) and i have been feeling very weird. Got my blood pressure check out a couple of times and its pretty high, this is just since 7 DPO. I'm wondering if a pregnacy could have made my blood pressure spike.... Oh and by the way a had very severe eclampsia in my first pregnancy. Any women experience the same.


Hi! I'm 18 years old and I had sex with guy who never called again but to tell "come to me, if you won't okay, nothing, we're done"
My period is 4 days late. Usually it comes on time. But I'm freaking out.
I can't be pregnant, he is not guy I love. I am 18, I have plans that don't include kids ever in my life. I am flight attendant who only wants to live an adventure without kids. I had sex at 1.1.2018., now I feel like my stomach is bigger, I weight two kg more, and sex was protected second time, forst time was through clothes and fingering. I can't be pregnant, I swear I would be able to take 30 pills to sleep forever more than be a mother or kill baby in myself.
Is there a possibility that I'm a pregnant and are there any pills for abortion before real abortion at hospital?
Thank you so much for answer.