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I am 27 Female. I have been experiencing sudden shooting abdominal pain from past one month. Initially it was on the right side, my doctor suspected appendix but sonography and blood reports were normal. Just a bit of free fluid was found in iliac, so he concluded it to be the intestine infection. And given me heavy dose antibiotics(750 mg twice a day). Then one day i started feeling severe pain on my left abdomen. The pain was so severe that I had to get admitted. Again I had gone through ultrasound, blood test, urin test, CT scan, barium test, chest x-ray; but this time as well everything was within the normal limits. I was again prescribed the antibiotic for 5 days, but even after completing that course; the pain has not subsided. I am very worried, what it could be?


 IF tests show nothing then it is probably diet related. You may need a probiotic; you may be eating too many pastries and/or cookies. Sounds like it's colon related.