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Four or so days ago I started to feel a slight pain on my lower right side of my abdomen (right next to my hip bone) most noticeable while taking a seat and while having sex the pain is more noticeable and this last time it caused me to have extreme pain which caused pain to shoot all across my abdomen and made me nauseous. Went to the doctor right after thinking I had a severe UTI but my UA came back negative and he suspected I had appendicitis. So, had blood work done and an X-ray but everything came back normal. While still at the doctor the pain subsided quite a bit and it barely hurt anymore. My husband thinks I'm just being dramatic and doesn't believe that I am in fact experiencing this pain. Any ideas as to what this could be?


I had the EXACT same thing a few weeks ago and was terrified my appendix or ovary was about to explode.  Turns out I pulled a muscle in my stomach which affected the area where your appendix is.  The dr figured it out as it hurt when he pushed down on the area but if I raised my neck a little (while being examined laying down) and press lightly on area...I was in extreme agony.  Could be the answer.