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i live in texas and i have pal skn but today i got a sun burn and  look like a lobster also t really hurts how do i get rd of the redness quickly and or the pain plz help



The best remedy for sunburn is Burnshield or Flammazine. You should be able to get this over the counter. Otherwise Reparil Gel or Voltaren Gel also helps. Bath in at least a 1/2 litre of white vinegar to take the sting out. Also; take orally an anti-inflammarory, such Ibuprofen, Voltaren or Disprin. (that is, if you're not allergic to any of these.)

The reason sunburn is so painful and itchy is due to the over production of histamine in your body in response to excessive sun exposure. This should be seen as a warning sign. If you have anti-histamine handy, you may alternatively use this to counteract the histamine production.

Please be advised; if you are nauseous, dizzy or have headaches, you could have sunstroke. Best to consult a doctor then.

Hope this helps?