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I've got sleeping problems (Gee, it's 1:18am here...)and the black circles are pretty bad. Does anyone know any good things I could do to help them? And I mean, things I could do in the house. Nothing to buy.
I've got some info, but not too much:
:-) Drink alot of water to clear out the toxins
:-) Rub ice on them for short-term help (It'll make them disappear, but only for an hour or so)
:-) Cucumbers, Pickles, Etc.. Don't work.


It is great that you are trying to solve your problems with black circles by the natural way but in the end if you are not sleeping you will have to buy some concealer because not enough sleep is the main cause of those black circles under your eyes.

And what are exactly your sleeping problems? You suffer from insomnia or some other condition? Did you check this condition with your doctor?

And since nothing is helping you I can remember just one more thing that you haven't tried and it may be helpful. Tea bags are always good for eyes infections and for the dark circles under your eyes. But not just any tea. For example in my case chamomile tea bags help more than enough but that doesn't last more than a few hours so I will repeat one more time that you need some concealer if you want to be all day long without dark circles. And I am sure you can find some of this made by natural ingredients and they are not more expensive than the regular ones.