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 Hi all. Have you ever heard about a weight loss supplement called Actislim? It is supposed to be very good.

I know a girl who used it.

I didn’t have any idea what Actislim actually is, until recently. My co-worker told me she bought it for her daughter. Since her daughter is only 18 I asked her how can she let her use weight loss products and she told me this one is pretty safe.

I don’t know about that. I would never buy my girl some weight loss supplement.

Can someone tell me what are the main ingredients of this supplement?


Hello. I totally agree with you Regina_Phalange . I have a 16 year old daughter myself and she is also a bit over weighed. I can’t even imagine her using any of those weight loss products, and if I found out she did use it behind my back I would be very mad. They are just too young for these things. Their body is still developing and this product, for example, contains stimulants that can’t be good for her.

As for the main ingredients, this supplement contains  microcrystalline cellulose, trimethylxanthine (caffeine), ginkgo leaf extract (often used by people with memory disorders), ginger root powder and guarana. It is supposed to be all natural.



Very interesting ingredients list.

Ginkgo leaf extract is provided from a Ginkgo tree (native to China).

It improves circulation. It can also help treat a variety of health issues. It is used to help decrease problems such as memory loss, depression and multiple sclerosis.

 There isn’t a great amount of this ingredient present in the supplement. And its effect on weight loss hasn’t really been confirmed yet. I wonder why did they use this plan for the product after all.

Ginger is also extracted from a plant. It is used as a cure for nausea and indigestion. As well as to treat a loss of appetite.