Hello everybody,

3 months ago I found a pain below my right ear and right neck region and i felt a lump of very small size had been formed. The intensity of the pain gradually increased and I found very painful while yawing. So I went to an ENT doctor and he gave me some medicines and told if the medicines wouldnt reduce pain then go for biopsy. Very scared I went to a doctor of medicine for 2nd opinion and he told nothing happened and its only a swollen gland and gave me augmentin antibiotics 650 mg thrice a day. I had had this for 5 days and my pain was gone and swelling also reduced. simultaneously he sent me to a dentist. After checking 4-5 times in 1 month the dentist couldn't find anything. Now my previous doctor asked me to wait for 1 month before doing anything. My swelling has not gone completely and a slight pain is there. Should i really wait for 1 month?