About 6 months ago, I noticed protrusions on my face behind the meeting of upper and lower jaws on both sides in front and below the ears. They were neither tender nor soft. Within weeks, people I had known asked about them. They have now grown to 1 to 2 inches in diameter and seem round and feel hard. My spouse says they appear as full chipmunk pouches. I am 65 years of age. I have diabetes, under good control. About six years ago, I was diagnosed with a cholesteatoma in one ear. I have had no ear infections since, although I twice experienced dull sounds in the other ear for weeks at a time as though from wax buildup. My dentist recently referred me to an ENT. I since asked my primary provider and he confirmed the notion. He mentioned mastoid. I wondered about Burkitt's Lymphoma. Sould I see an ENT? Should I do so ASAP?