Hi, I'm a 27 y/o female who is in otherwise good health. I have environmental allergies which I take Zyrtec daily for and regularly use a saline nasal rinse to clear my nose of allergens. I've tried allergy immunotherapy in the past, but it did not seem to work, as it doesn't help everyone. Last January I came down with a cold that caused persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction. I suffered until I found a dr in June who did a newer procedure called Eustachian tube dilation to re- open the blocked tubes. I was no longer experiencing Eustachian tube troubles and was finally able to pop my ears after 6 months of torture. Last Friday however, I awoke to a cloggy feeling in my left ear. Trying not to panic, I gently performed a valsalva (ear pop) maneuver to check the openness of the Eustachian tubes. Both opened easily with popping, no difficulty or pain. The cloggy sensation remained. I called my ent surgeon who advised me to see my primary care dr due to the fact that the Eustachian tubes were opening so he doubted a Eustachian tube issue. I got into my PCP that day and he Rx'd a 60 mg prednisone taper to calm any allergic swelling (fall allergies was the thought). The prednisone did nothing noticeable. I called my ent again and he saw me this Monday in his office. He observed normal movement of my ear drums and no fluid behind them. He checked my nose and noted what to him looked like a sinus infection. He told me this could be causing the pressure on my ear. He Rx'd augmentin 875 for 10 days. I am following up with him on October 15th. In the meantime, I received a tympanogram (checks middle ear pressure) and all was normal, which would indicate normal Eustachian tube functioning. I'm now at a loss here. I feel like I must be losing my mind. My Eustachian tubes open if I pinch my nose and swallow. They open if I hold my nose and very gently increase pressure(valsalva). None of these efforts to stop this weird pressure feeling have helped. I'm stumped. The tympanogram indicated normal middle ear functioning. I have no symptoms of an inner ear disorder. So any ideas (obviously I'm following up with my ent surgeon, so please don't tell me that- its a given). Thanks for any opinions/advice. This is really annoying and I so thought that Eustachian tube issues were behind me. Thanks again for your input.