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Hi, Everyone,

My husband refuses to go to the Doctor. Says he is dieing, and that terrifies me.

One side of his groin is swollen, and has gotten bigger over the past few weeks.

From what I have read, should I worry? I know he should go to the Doctor, but he is stubborn and won't go. He says it is Cancer, and he hates hospitals, and has seen his young counsins pass away for one reason or another, so he won't go to any Doctors or a Hospital.

What should I do?



I have to say that your husband’s behaviour is childish and selfish. He is either not educated enough or suffers from depression in which a person doesn’t really care about their own lives, act selfishly and don’t think how everything would influence on people around them. In this case, there is little you can do. I know because my mother suffers from depression, so I know how these things go.
If your husband doesn’t show nay signs of depression, I have to say he is ignorant then. I am really sorry about my negative attitude toward your husband but it upsets me the fact that he won’t have it checked not just because of his sake but yours as well and your children (if you have them).
First of all, if there is just swelling in the groin I doubt it is cancer.
It could be a swollen lymph node that indicates a presence of a near by infection and once the infection has cleared, the swollen nodes may clear as well but it takes them some time to subside after the infection had cleared.
Another possible reason is inguinal hernia, which happens when a part of small intestine protrudes through the abdominal wall and may show up as a lump in the groins. This type of hernia should be looked by a doc to decide upon things to do. A lump from inguinal hernia grows when a person coughs, stretches, or lifts something heavy.
Did he have any trauma to the area lately?
Certain drugs as well as sexually transmitting disease can cause groins to swell. If you could try to explain to him that it is probably not cancer, maybe he would decide to see a doc. If this doesn’t work, take drastic measures and threaten you would leave him because that may be better than looking at him suffer and stuff like that.
Use your women’s imagination, anything that would make him see a doc. Good luck!


Wow I can't believe this woman never responded to such caring and thoughtful info. (Sarcasm)