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My frienhed's husband started with a very soar throat and high fever. Following this his lower back started to hurt. He now has been constipated for a week and is frequently urinating. He says that his upper abdomen, right below the rib cage, is swollen. What could this be?


Hello there

It could be that your friend’s husband got some flu and it got a little bit more complicated. Sore throat and high fever are first symptoms of flu but there is no need to panic if the fever isn’t too high.

What medications did he use to lower down the fever and to ease symptoms of a sore throat?

Maybe some of these medications have affected his organism and the consequence is constipation and of course constipation can be one of the causes of frequent urination. Anyway if he didn’t try to use something to get rid of the constipation it would be the next step especially if the symptoms of the flu are gone. If some over the counter medication doesn’t help than he should definitely visit the doctor.