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Hello, My Name is Carrie, im 17. Ive havent gotten blood work done in about 6 months but im always tired, always irritable, dizzy, I could go without eating for days. I only weigh 104 (which doesnt mean anything really, my dads side is thin) I do eat alot of sugar and drink alot of pop, I could be a pre-diabetic. When I did go to the DR. he said that on a diabetic scale being a 1-9 is good. I was at a 9...? But what does that mean. I wasnt told I was pre-diabetic. Dr just said I was good. I do use the washroom alot!! Every half hour. If I do drink alot of liquid i could go every ten minutes. But with out excess liquids its about 4 times a hour. ?


Hi Carrie: I dont know what he meant by 1 - 9!!!!! Your symptoms are DEFINITELY similar to someone with Type II diabetes.

If I were you go and get your blood checked using a glucose strip. They usually want a reading before food and after, just to see where you stand. Stop with the pop and sugar OK?! It is REALLY bad for you, try diet pop - even though I don't like the idea of it actually , but that is my personal opinion about Aspertame and other sugar substitutes. - You might need to go to a diabetic clinic, it is really eye opening to find out what can happen if you don't follow a balanced diet. I just wnet to one with my dad. So lets get you checked out 1st for that OK? Also does your urine smell almost sweetish!!!? That's another indicator. Once you get your blood sugars under control you will feel like a new person I guarantee you. So get tested and good luck hon!!!