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Well I Have Always Had This One Thought For As Long As I Can Remember. I Feel Like Someones Going To Kill Me Or I'm Going To Die. I Think About It Every Day. And I'm Home Alone At Night With My Daughter Alot (My Boyfriend Works) && When Its Just Us I Can Feel Myself Geting Anxious At The Slightest Noises ALWAYS Planning An Escape Route In Case Someone Breaks In. Before I Go To Bed I Check The Front Door To Make Sure Its Locked 4 Times Exactly & Say A Prayer. I Know Its Gotten Alot Worse EVer Since I Had A Baby Because I'm In Charge Of Protecting My Daughter. And It Devastes Me Sometimes Thinking That Someone Might Kill Me Today Or I Might Die And Leave MY Child Motherless. My Boyfriend Tries To Break Me Of Thinking These Thoughts Or Checking All The Locks But I Get So Frustrated If I Can't I Give Him The Silent Treatment Then Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night To Check. I'm Super Scared To Ride With Anyone Else My Boyfriend Hates To Drive Because I'm Always Saying Something :-(. I Don't Feel Like He's Being Safe Enough. Idk What To Do.....



There are lots of stressors in todays world. The worries you have are ones that many people have.

Find a counselor that you can talk to. Check your phone book or ask your doctor or insurance provider (usually covered) to recommend one. There is nothing to be ashamed of for asking for help. It is amazing what having someone that you can talk to in a trusting and non-judgemental manner can do.

Aside from that, get out and exercise. It is one of the best solutions to this. Your body releases hormones when active that can help reduce the feelings of anxiety.

Keep us posted, good luck.