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I have been taking a drug [NILOL] for my hypertension for over five years now. My hypertension goes back 15 years ago. I am now 58.

This drug contains (Atenelol BP 50 mg and Nifedipine USP (Sustained Release) 20mg. I also have a chronic kidney problem (pyelonephritis) for which I have been taking CIPROFLOXACIN TABLETS B.P without much relief.

Is there anyone else out there who has a similar problem. If so, I would like to know how they are managing both the hypertension as well as the kidney problem.


As I know there are special recommendations for patients that suffer liver or kidney problems and that these patients have to be monitored, or need adjusted doses, when have to use nilol.
Else, as you said that your kidney problem was chronic, I have a question. Did you have urine culture done before you got ciprofloxacine? For how long have you been taking this medication (ciprofloxacin)? Kidney infection can be treated more successfully with intramuscular injections of wide spectrum cephalosporines, I had that type of therapy when had pyelonephritis. Twice a day was getting antibiotics parenterally. As I know there are no interactions between nilol and ciprofloxacin that could harm the absorption of antibiotic. I think that you should have urine culture and antibiogramm, and according to these results to get proper therapy for your kidney infection. It seems to me that your infection does not respond on cipro and that would respond on another antibiotic that should be selected by antibiogramm.