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I'm gonna start taking roaccutane 20mg a day for 12months. I know all the side effects but my concern is about my lifestyle. I'm a professional poker player and i play mostly on internet so i seat in front of a computer around 8 hours a day, i wan't to know if the medication can affect my concentration or cause headaches. Also i go to the gym 5-6 times a week and i train very hard. I currently don't drink any suplements but i'm planning on taking Creatine, which i've read in this forum that it has no drastic effect at all. But i couldn't find information about Weight proteine or Amino acids (amino6000). I know i CAN'T take vitamine a or b. But i can live with that.

Thanks for the help.


I'm on accutane since 2 months and half now for my second Accutane treatment. I'm going to the gym and I also train hard. With this I eat a lot of protein food and I take my Whey and Casein"s protein supplement everyday. For the creatine, I asked to my colleague pharmasist if I could take Creatine and he told me that it would'nt have any problem to take Creatine with. Taking a protein supplement it's like if you eat a steak.. Just be sure to take your "blood taking" when its necessary like you doctor told you. Not only because you are taking supplement but rather because its necessary with this treatment :-)