I've been on methadone for about two years to treat pain from a rare genetic muscle disease (a tubular aggregate myopathy variant). Before that I was being prescribed oxycodone by my family doctor and self-medicating with whatever additional opiates I could get my hand on. This was purely an attempt to control the pain and never about getting high. Even when I injected heroin, there was never any sort of a "high" -- just a reduction in the pain.

My methadone dose leveled out at 225mg/day, but because I was/am having significant apnea (which may or may not be related) and because it's barely treating my pain, I told my doctor I want to try something else. So a month ago we started cutting my opiate levels, and I'm off it. My muscle pain is slightly more obvious to me and I have less energy because of that, but over this month I've had absolutely no withdrawal symptoms. No digestive upset or cramps, no mental upset, no trouble sleeping, nothing -- to be honest, if anything I feel better rather than worse other than my pain level.

I've had periodic tests during this period so there's no doubt that I've been on methadone -- it's not as if the pharmacy is running some scam where they're watering it down like crazy. Both my doctor and the pharmacy seemed rather shocked that I've had no withdrawal issues in the past month. Is it possible that the fact that I never got a high from opiates is related to the lack of withdrawal? Or could this be some strange quirk of my genetic disease? How common is it no to experience withdrawal? As I understand it dropping from 225 to 0 in a month is unusually fast to start with, but I feel like I could have easily gone from 225 to 0 overnight.

If anyone else has experienced this I would be interested in hearing if there are other similarities.