I have a friend who has been complaining about the same symptoms for the past 20+ years. He has been to many specialists and there has been no diagnosis. He often complains of headaches and pressure on his head as if he is wearing a cap/hat. He is often disoriented and dizzy during the day but has managed to deal with it during normal activities. his muscles are often overactive to where he can often see them pulsating through the skin..Sometimes the tip of his tongue tingles. He has an appetite like I have never seen before and when he eats at home he devours his food as if he is a wild animal. He rarely chews it completely! Certain food additives affect his bowel movements and his stomach is normally tight and knotted. Muscle cramping is a daily occurrence and he is always fatigued but pushes himself to work. He is not very articulate in describing his symptoms and the doctors have not been able to find anything wrong him in over 20 years..He lacks medical coverage now..Two years ago he did pay the inflated premium in an attempt to see if he can find a doctor who thought out of the box. After a year of specialists, CTScns and MRI's, he was told that it can't be something terminal because his symptoms have not progressed. While he has learned to live with these symptoms, I see where they are affecting his quality of life. He is afraid to travel far from home and he has began having panic attacks in the last several years while driving. Averaging 2 or 3 a year. I am not a doctor and will never dream of offering a diagnosis. However, in the last several years I have spoken with individuals who have shared that they were infested with tapeworms and larvae. I am aware that cysts can form then calcify over a number of years. Is there anyone out there who are familiar with this? I am aware that it is more prevalent in Asia, Africa and Latin America where Hygiene and Sanitation is substandard. However, they are still people in the industrialized countries who look to harm others by tainting there food with tapeworm eggs. This practice is common for those groups who are familiar with voodoo/hoodoo and santaria. Please lend any expertise or knowledge...While I am not particularly looking for an online diagnosis for my friend. I am looking for an educated and scientific explanation for tapeworm ingestion! Please help!