I know I already have a host of sleep disorders, and have had polysomnography testing done that determined I have too many alpha spike arousals through the night (50 in 3 hours during the test). I have insomia, occasional nightmares, occasional sleep paralysis, occasional confusional arousals and terrifying hypnopompic hallucinations. I also have had chronic daily migraine all day every day for 16 years as well as mitral valve prolapse dysautonomia. Recently, a new frightening sleep symptom has cropped up that doesn't feel like a usual nightmare. I'll be dreaming that I'm awake but I'm not. I can think clearly, and I'll even believe that I'm moving and talking, but I'm still asleep. Eventually, I realize this and try to wake up but I can't. This will happen 5-6x in a row in a single night and has happened almost every night in the past 3 weeks. I'm told I twitch in my sleep but do not act out violently or talk. When I do finally wake up, I'm terrified, my heart is racing, and I'm more exhausted than I was before I fell asleep. I'm not under any worse stress recently, I don't drink/smoke/drink caffeine beyond morning coffee, and I have no history of depression or anxiety. What on earth is happening to me? Is there any way I can stop it?