I had my tonsillectomy done last Wednesday, I am on day 9 of recovery(not including the day of surgery) and today is the first day that I feel normal again. I have truly never been in so much physical pain in my life. Day 1 & 2 were very easy for or me. I had a lot of energy and was outside walking my dog and eating normal foods. Day 3 I slept 18 hours, no joke. Day 4 I thought I was dying. This is when the nausea kicked in the hardest. I stopped taking my pain killers because my stomach was empty and I couldn't keep anything in it to help the PK's. I started having an increase of phlegm in the back of my throat, I have VERY sensitive gag reflexes and was up vomiting every 15 minutes. This happened until day 7. And I was having insane dreams, literally losing my mind. I would wake up, still dreaming and feeling like my body had been taken over by something else, it was terrifying. Finally day 7 rolled around and I wasn't throwing up anymore, although, this is when the pain got unbearable. Especially in my ears, it's felt like someone was drilling holes in them! And it only started acting up at night, which lead to me not sleeping really at all. Not that I had been getting the best sleep as it was. All of this combined made me very emotional. I would see a puppy walking and have the urge to start crying, ugh. Now today at day 9, I finally had normal food. The first thing I did was order a pizza because that has been all I could think about. I have really no pain anymore, and if I do I just take two Tylenol and they seem to work just fine. My advice, stay with drinking your fluids, especially water. I lived off of broth for the first 6 days, now 10 pounds lighter it's been a very easy/miserable way to lose weight. I can't say I would have done this if I knew this is what was going to happen, but I'm sure give it a couple more days I'll be happy that I don't have rotting tonsils in the back of my throat anymore!