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Hi all, I was wondering about a test strip for T2 that provides good results. Just need some general thoughts on that. I've just been diagnosed with type 2 so I'm a newbie to diabetes. I haven't had much time to read much yet and I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. It would be nice to chat with someone on this website to learn more and become more comfortable with my condition. I think sharing information helps. I'm not even sure what the difference is between type 1 and 2. I tend to think from everyone has told me that type 1 is more serious, but I don't. Does anyone have anything to share with me? Would appreciate. Thanks


Yes, type 1 diabetes glucose levels tend to be more stable then type 2. True enough. As far as I know, doctors generally tell you to measure blood glucose levels once or twice a day if you have type 2. If you are type 2 and using insulin, you will need to monitor your glucose levels more often. However, every individual is different. It depends on your age. If you are very young or very old, pregnant or have other medical conditions, you may need to monitor many more times. You should know that your home monitors are are not as accurate as clinical monitors so keep that in mind. Not only are they not as accurate, but many do not meet the required standards of the ADA (American Diabetes Association. Nevertheless, most of the monitors are accurate enough so that you can mange your blood glucose levels properly. As to whether there is a test strip for T2 that gives good results, I think there all pretty much the same but you would need to check with your doctor or pharmacist on that one. I hope this was helpful and put your mind at ease. I know I was a little nervous at first too. Make sure to stick to your diet and exercise regularly and measure your glucose levels when your supposed to