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As a type 1 Newbie I'm having problems with thirst. I'm drinking a ton of water and have to pee a lot. Is there anything I can do in terms of peeing a lot? I'm not really sure how much water I should be drinking. Does anyone know? I never had to worry about it before. I just drank small amounts of water during the day and I was okay. I'm afraid I'm going to drown out my body and float away. Can you get too much water and do harm to yourself? Can I drink other liquids beside water like fruit juice or sodas?



I know it was difficult for me when I was first diagnosed with diabetes. It should have been caught earlier but I didn't know. Unfortunately, diabetes brings about increased thirst and urination. This can't be helped. Since your system has too much glucose in it, the kidneys have to work hard to get rid of the sugar. Along with the sugar goes water which makes you pee more. When you pee more, you need to drink more. Your brain is telling you.

The amount of water you should take in will vary on your blood sugar levels and levels of activity. In general 8 to 10 glasses a day is a good amount. However, if you need more, your brain will tell you. If you need more, then drink more. You see, if you don't have enough water in your body, glucose will begin to build up even more and so will toxins. You need all that water to stabilize sugar levels and get rid of unwanted toxins. I would stay away from sodas but fruit juices are okay when you sugar levels are low. I wouldn't worry about flooding out your body and floating away. When you're thirsty, drink more water and just pee it out.