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    Hi I am very feeling very sad and confused to share that  I am feeling some sort of pain above left testicle. Some times I feel no pain when i am lying on bed or sleeping. But sometimes it is severe and much when i am sitting and walking. I started feeling pain a week ago. I am fear to think as it might be a cancer but don't know well.

   I felt no swelling from outside. Just a lot of pain. the size of lump is small ranging within a few millimeters. and (it is at the top of left testicle that might be connected with cord on upper side and may be not.) Can anybody, any doctor plz tell ? is it dangerous or not ?? does it need a proper treatment or will be cured automatically ?? 


Hi Alex,

See your doctor.  It can be an infection, possibly epididymitis, and NOT necessarily an STD.  Lying on your back can OFTEN reduce the discomfort.

A urologist would be your doctor of choice.  This is what they specialize in.

Good luck.



Any kind of testicular or intrascrotal pain that lasts for more than a few minutes should be checked out by a doctor. Personally, I doubt it's cancer since there is little to no pain associated with it on the initial stages. The lump would also be on the testicle itself and not on the other structures around it. Things that could cause this kind of pain:

- epididymitis

- varicocele

- spermatocele

- prostatitis

- sciatica or lower back pain

You need to get this checked out, get a urinalysis, and a testicular ultrasound to allay your fears of cancer.