i wake up one morning with pain in testicle and went to doctor same day. He told me that i could be some infection so prescribed me some antibiotics for seven days and also booked testicular scanning for me. The scanning results came after a month saying that there is a mass attached with testicle and it could be tumour. From very first day of swelling i was feeling that my testicle is attached internally to scotrum skin. I tried to explain to doctor but he simply Ignored it. Told me that it’s testicular cancer and have to go through surgery to which I agreed and signed. I am living in foreign country so when i explained situation to family they told me that i should go to home country and got it operated. SO have to wait for some time due to immigration processes. During that waiting period  i felt that mass actually existed. but due to no response from immigration guys i ended up waiting more. and whith time that mass is reduced and its no more there. But testicle is still swallowed and that skin which was attached to testicle is developed into boil. skin around that is really dry. 

what it could be any ideas ? because doctor was saying tumour due to that mass which is no more there so i am thinking it could be something else.