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What can I do? I have had what I thought was sinusitis for 2+ years. 5 doctors did not mention possibility of bacterial infection. 7 weeks ago, ENT doctor told me what it was but did not take a culture. He gave me bactrim and methylprednisone, then doxicycline and prednisone, and now I am 7 days into Levaquin 500mg. and Mucinex D and ocean spray and am having NO results.

I have a terrible odor coming from my nose that is ruining me at work, my relationships, and my self-confidence! My only other symptom is that my glands are swollen a majority of the time. Do I need some type of surgery? I have got to solve this problem, as it is all I think about from whn I awake until I go to sleep. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!


Having sinus infection for this long can be very devastating and as you noticed it can cause many problems in your life. You are trying to fight the sinus infection for two years, and I have to tell you that this is very long period of time. People usually treat this in few months if not sooner. You have to be careful with over the counter nasal sprays because they can only help for short time, any longer use can just worsen the infection and it can cause more nasal congestions. Do you have any fever?    Do you have any problems with ears or your throat? Try to use some ibuprofen to relive the pain.

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